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Bona is a Swedish brand being trusted by professional since 1919. Bona offers a full range of high performing, environmentally sound products through the Bona System.


Bona was the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a complete hardwood floor finishing and care system that is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®. The certification assures professionals and consumers unsurpassed durability, beauty, and environmental responsibility for hardwood floors from sanding and finishing to floor care. Bona waterborne floor cleaners are safe for floors, families, and the environment. Bona's specially-developed non-toxic and biodegradeable formula also limits the harmful effects of downstream pollution.

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Hardwood Care Products

The Bona Professional Series features the entire line of Bona's high quality, no residue professional products. These products are formulated for all types of hardwood floors coated with a clear unwaxed finish and all types of stone, tile and laminate floors.pdf Professional Series Brochure

bona professional series

Hardwood Care System

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This system includes everything needed for easy and safe cleaning of hardwood floors on a professional level.

  • Quick connect pole & base:
    · 100% adjustable
    · Locking sleeve
    · 360º dynamic swivel action
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction telescoping pole
  • 32 oz. Bona Professional Series Hardwood Cleaner, microfiber cleaning pad, & microfiber dusting pad
bona professional seriesbona professional series

Hardwood Cleaner

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A professional strength, non-toxic, waterborne cleaner formulated for unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors. This environmentally responsible cleaner leaves no residue and will not dull the floor's finish.

  • Professional formula
  • Leaves no dulling residue
  • pH neutral
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • GREENGUARD certified for Children and Schools program

bona professional series

Hardwood Refresher

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Professional formular refresher provides a clear, highly durable gloss to polyurethance finished wood floors that are dull, worn, scratched, or shows signs of wear. This non-toxic, waterborne formula restores the beauty of wood floors, leaves no build-up, and is recoatable.
  • Professional formula
  • Rrestores shine
  • Easy application
  • Urethane maintenance coating
  • Dries in one hour
  • Non-toxic
  • Recoatable with finish
  • Greenguard certified for indoor air quality

Laminate / Stone / Tile Care Products

Laminate/Stone/Tile Care system

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Everything you need for easy and safe cleaning of your stone, tile, and laminate floors. System includes:

  • Durable 4 piece mop handle with 4" x 15" mop head
  • Microfiber easy glide, machine washable cleaning pad
  • Microfiber Dusting Pad
  • Non-toxic, no dulling residue, 32 oz. stone, tile and laminate cleaner

bona professional seriesbona professional series
Hard Surface Cleaner

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A professional strength waterborne, environmentally responsible cleaner specifically formulated to clean all laminate flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl, sealed marble, and sealed granite floors without dulling the finish or leaving any residue.
  • Professional Formula
  • For periodic maintenance
  • For spot cleaning of food spills and stains
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Fresh and clean scent
  • pH neutral
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-toxic
  • GREENGUARD certified for Children and Schools program

bona professional series

Microfiber Pads

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Professional grade microfiber cleaning, applicator, and dususting pads for use with the Bona Professional Series Hardwood and Stone, Tile & Laminate floor care products.
  • Professional grade
  • Special microfiber material
  • Machine washable over 300 times
  • Fits 15" and 18" aluminum mop base
bona applicator pad

Bona Applicator Pad

Bona Applicator Pad, designed for the application of Bona Wood/ Hard Floor Refresher. Washable and reusable and attaches to the Bona Mop with Velcro-like strips.
bona cleaning pad

Bona Cleaning Pad

Bona Cleaning Pad is a washable microfibre pad that attaches with Velcro-like strips to the Bona Mop and is reusable up to 300 washes. (Do not use fabric conditioner when washing.)
bona dusting pad

Bona Dusting Pad

Bona Dusting Pad is a fluffy washable microfibre. Easily attached to the Bona Mop with velcro Velcro-like strips this dusting pad is an excellent way of picking up dust and hair before wet-mopping your floors.