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Founded by Andres Faus in 1953, Faus Group started in a small carpenter's workshop in Gandia, Spain as a family owned organization. Currently , Faus has a fully integrated production facility for all types of interior covering products, including impregnation lines, melamine presses, milling lines, molding lines, etc in a 700,000 sf state of the art facility under one roof.

In 2006, Faus opened a 78 acre, 400,000 square ft. manufacturing facility in Calhoun, Georgia and are now considered a global manufacturer with facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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The success of the company is a result of innovation, research and development. Always a step ahead, our technological breakthroughs have transformed the world of laminate flooring. United with FINSA, they can produce 30,000,000 m2 laminate floor, and sales per year is approximate EUR 1,000,000,000.
Source: Faus

The perfect solution for handling all kinds of jobs. A product designed down to the finest detail so that you can tackle your project quickly and easily and with versatility and quality. We have developed a wide range of products and accessories that will enable you to take on any type of room with great flexibility in both functionality and style. Like you, we think in terms of unique spaces and we think ahead to offer you unimaginable solutions, such as our linings in real leather, lacquer or melamine, synchronized, textured or laminated paper. Discover FAUSDECOR and enter a new world of possibilities in the simplest way.

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